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(急) 中翻英! 20 點!


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    In addition, there is differentiation of Universities of Science and Technology and ordinary university in the university, but the standard distinguished meets the early need in Taiwan; The University of Science and Technology is usually admitted to by students of the advanced vocational school, the ordinary university is the general high school student's choice! The policy for education of the University of Science and Technology overweights the technological route, the policy for education of the ordinary university usually lays particular stress on the academic route! But now's Taiwan, no matter the professorship grows a high school student, lays particular stress on and enters a higher school equally, but the ideas of a lot of people stay in early days , think that will work for society directly after reading the professorship when being grown in professorship, the high school student graduates and is admitted to the university, and think that the quality that the professorship grows is relatively bad! Ability is worse than student of the ordinary university to assert the students of the University of Science and Technology!

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    In addition, the university has the scientific and technical university and the ordinary university's discrimination, but differentiates the standard meets the Taiwan early time need; The scientific and technical university usually is the high-level vocational school student is admitted to a school, ordinary university for common choice! Scientific and technical university's education policy stresses to the technical route, the ordinary university's education policy usually stresses the academic route! But nowadays Taiwan, no matter is Gao Chih lives , equally stresses enters a higher school, but many person of ideas pause in the early time, thought Gao Chih lives needs to read Gao Chihchiu directly to the social work, graduates is admitted to a school the university, but thought Gao the Chih fresh quality is worse! Therefore also recognized the scientific and technical university the student ability compared to the is ordinary university's student difference!

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