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Local cable operators may provide coverage of high school sports,delayed broadcasts of collegiate sports,and call-in shows on public access channels. College and high school football and basketball sometimes are shown at different times during the week on tape.

Pay-Per-View is a subscription service available through cable franchises. Cable sub-scribers can order special events-sports,movies,etc.-by telephone or through the cable converter box. The viewer pays separately for each event,just as in purchasing a ticket. Everything from college sports events to major prizefights is offered on a pay-per-view basis.

Stations on the AM band(535 to 1,605 kilocycles)depend on talk shows and enter-tainment for programming because music has gravitated to FM stations(88 to 108 megacycles),which produce static-free transmission. Consequently,local commen–tray and call-in shows are popular fare on AM radio. Local stations in some cities have adopted all-sports formats,but round-the-clock sports radio has been largely un-successful.

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    地方纜繩操作員也許提供高中覆蓋面sports?delayed 大學sports?and 外界來電節目展示廣播在公開通入渠道。學院和高中橄欖球和籃球有時被顯示在不同的時刻在星期期間在磁帶。支付每看法是捐款服務可利用的通過纜繩特權。纜繩訂戶能定□特別events?sports?movies?etc.?by 電話或通過纜繩交換器箱子。觀察者分開地支付各event?just 和在購買票。一切從學院體育事件對主要職業拳賽被提供根據收費電視依據。駐地在上午band?535 對1?605 kilocycles?depend 在脫口秀和娛樂為編程因為音樂趨向了對FM stations?88 對108 megacycles??which 產物無靜態傳輸。Consequently?local commen 盤子和外界來電節目展示普遍的車費打開上午收音機。地方駐地在一些城市採取了收音機是主要不成功的所有體育formats?but 日夜不停的體育。

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