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關於奧林匹克的問題Olympic Games?(贈15點)


(1) Where and when did the Games start?

(2) How often do they take place? (Summer and Winter)

(3) Who revived the Olympic Games, and when?

(4) Where is the International Olympic Committee based?

(5) What is the Olympic symbol, and what does it signify?

(6) Can you name three Olympic mascots?

(7) Which country first televised the Olympics?

(8) What is doping? What are the measures taken?

(9) Why were the 1936 Games controversial?(Berlin)

(10) How does the Olympic Movement generate revenue?



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    (1)Olympic Games were held in Athens in the summer of 1896

    (2)Every four years()

    (3)Baron Pierre de Coubertin ,23 June 1894

    (4)It's established inFrance, but now it's in Switzerland

    (5)5 rings means 5 continents

    Blue - Europe

    Black - Africa

    Red - America

    Yellow - Asia

    Green - Oceania

    (6)Olly, Syd, and Millie

    (7)1936-Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

    (8)In sports, doping refers to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

    The International Olympic Committee states that an athlete is guilty of doping if their urine sample shows a T/E ratio above 6

    (9)In August 1936, the Nazi regime tried to camouflage its violent racist policies while it hosted the Summer Olympics.

    (10)To generate support for the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) manages or oversees a series of Olympic marketing programmes. Olympic marketing programmes include television broadcast partnership, corporate sponsorship, Olympic Games ticketing, and Olympic licensing.

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