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請問以下這段NBA球員Jason Williams影片的背景歌曲是誰唱的?歌曲名稱?收入於哪張專輯?煩請附帶中、英文歌詞。

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    Rooster(搖滾雞洛斯特樂團) 唱的...歌曲名稱是come get some 收入於come get some專輯....

    Baby it don't matter

    Anyone can see the signs,

    I caught you looking over,

    With just a little bit of a smile,

    You tell him that you love him

    While i'm running through your mind

    Cos i know that you know, your cover will blow,

    Its only a matter of time,

    It's not my style to try and cheat and lie,

    why do you sanctify something thats already died

    I've got something that'll bring you alive...


    Are you gonna shout it from the rooftops honey,

    tell me i'm the only one?

    kick it to the gun baby don't stop running,

    tell me how you gonna come get some

    Did you ever ask yourself the question

    Where the hell did i go wrong

    cos you know baby fool, i'll be waiting for you,

    tell me how your gonna come, come, come get some!

    All those words your wasting

    Try to tell yourself you need more time,

    Whats the point in faking

    When you know you'll never make it right

    You say your head is blurry, but i can't get you out of mine,

    i don't mean to cause pressure but i just can't let you

    go home while your living this lie

    It's not my style to let this pass me by

    why do you scentify something thats already died

    I've got something that'll bring you alive...

    [Repeat Chorus]

    push down and baby,

    leapt out in fear,

    freaked out and shakin'

    just breaking for you, (breaking for you)

    freaked out and pacing,

    cant go on like this forever

    [Repeat Chorus]

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