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請問 假如要將此段句子翻成英文 要怎樣寫會比較洽當 ??

HipHop起源於70年代,美國紐約的窮困黑人和南美洲人;由於貧窮,每天無所事事,所以大都在街上打混;有的人打籃球、有的人就會在街上放著音樂隨著音樂盡情的Solo;有的人藉由噴畫、塗鴉、即興演唱發洩情緒,玩著玩著就玩出了HipHop。HipHop是個深入生活文化的精神,結合了黑人的語言、音樂、舞蹈、life Style......等,才足以構成Hip Hop的全貌。

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    HipHop origins from the 70's, the American New York's destitute blacks and the South America people; Because is poor, every day is idle, therefore mostly hits on the street mixes; Some people hit the person which the basketball, has to be able on the street to put the music along with music heartily Solo; Some person affiliations by spurt the picture, spread the crow, extemporaneously sing give vent to the mood, played is playing is playing HipHop. HipHop is plunges into the thick of life culture the spirit, unified black's language, the music, the dance, life Style..... And so on, only then sufficiently constitutes Hip Hop the complete picture.

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