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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

求 與顏色有關的常用語(急~~~~)

請給我有關\"顏色\"的常用語.....要英文的唷!! EX: I\'m in pink.(pink為粉紅色,應該是吧....= =+)

對了,記得提供翻譯一下,上例句僅供參考(我知道大概意思,所以不寫) 若能提供上例句完整的意思,我會很感激的.......

請『知識份子』或『懂英文』的人多提供一些常用語....因為我非常\"急\"需要用到....多提供(且不重複),我不會嫌少(只怕不夠多!! = =+)

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  • Dana
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    1 0 年前

    to see red 突然發怒 He saw red when he realized his car got be in the red 虧損;負債 The company is in the red.Red with anger 生氣 I am red with carpet 隆重接待(歡迎) Remember to welcome her with a red day 值得慶祝的日子red tape 繁文縟節,繁瑣手續 Adopting a baby requires a lot of red 當場抓到 The thieve was caught be green 無經驗的 He is green for the job.I'm green with envy 我很妒忌green fingers  搞園藝的才能 She sure has green fingers in the garden.Greenhorn  生手;不懂世故的人green around the gills 欲吐的樣子 All the passengers looked green around the gills after the monster 極度忌妒的人 green light 准許;許可 Just show me the green light on this feel blue 感到憂鬱 I am feeling blue.a blue film 色情片to disappear into the blue 消失了 That dog ran so fast that next minute it disappeared into the blue.Out of the blue 迅雷不及掩耳; 意外 That truck came out of the blue and almost hit meonce in a blue moon 難得 I eat out only once in a blue the black 有盈餘 The company is in the black.The pot calling the kettle black. 五十步笑百步Black and blue 青一塊紫一塊 I was all black and blue after tripping down the and white 寫在紙上 清清楚楚 是非分明 The rules are in black and sheep 害群之馬black mark 污點They went white with fear. 他們嚇的臉色發白white about the gills (嚇得)臉色發白的while lie 無惡意的謊言a white sale 售賣床被單 To be yellow 膽小的 Don’t be so yellow!yellow pages 電話簿To be in the pink 非常健康 She is in the pink after dieting.Pink slip 停止雇用的通知 He was given the pink slip after messing up.tickled pink 很樂意的 I am tickled pink to have you here.

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    while lie (打錯了) --> white lie

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    雖然不多?????? 很多了 ="=





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