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How does earthquake happens?

I am doing my Science Project. I need some information of \"How does earthquake happens\". Can you give me some example of big earthquke that happens in Asia or Taiwan. 3Q~

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    The huge 921 earthquake In the immediate wake of the earthquake, people were newly made aware of this land that we live on, and examined the importance of past accumulated wisdom and tradition regarding earthquakes. The quake occurred at 1:47 a.m. on September 21, 1999, and measured 7.3 on the Richter scale. It created major losses such as had rarely been seen since the war. In terms of human loss, 2412 people lost their lives, 11,305 were injured. 26,831 homes were completely destroyed, another 24,495 were partially destroyed. In addition to those who were immediately affected by the earthquake at the instant it occurred, many others were soon affected by the dangers and inconveniences that came when power and water supplies were cut off and roads were blocked or destroyed: these are all things that will surely stay in our collective memory.  The "adobe earthquake" If we look back in time to the Japanese occupation, the earthquake which caused the greatest loss of life occurred on April 21, 1935, on the fortieth anniversary of Japanese rule in Taiwan. At 6:02:16 a.m. a violent earthquake inflicted heavy losses on the two prefectures, as they then were, of Hsinchu and Taichung. It measured 7.1 on the Richter scale and killed 3,422 people. Another 11,833 were injured, and over 60,000 homes were destroyed. The Why? of earthquakesThe ground, which is below our feet is the uppermost part of the earth's crust. This crust is 10 kilometres thick under the sea, and 40 kilometres thick under the continents. Below the earth's crust you can find stones with variable hardness, thickness and state of matter, the so-called mantle. Below 2900 kilometres is the external core of the Earth, then the inner core. Reasons for earthquakes85% - Structural trembles. 7% - Quakes in connection with volcanic activity. 3% - Sinking in - collapsing quakes. Artifical trembles. 5% - Disturbance of earth

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    On September 21,1999,a big earthquake hit Taiwan.A lot of buildings fell down,and many people died.It was a terrible experience for people in Taiwan.

    When there's an earthquake,you may feel the whole world shaking.You may hear people crying and see things falling.Don't be afraid at this moment.Find a safe place and hide.Don't hide near windows,tall bookcases,or closets.When you are in a car,drive to the side of the road slowly.Get out of the car carefully after the earthquake stops.In crowded stores,follow the directions.Don't try to leave before the shaking is over.Follow these tips,and you will be safe.


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    chinese: 板塊推擠,造成板塊移動~!!

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