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force to be reckoned with 中譯?

force to be reckoned with 的中文意思是什麼??

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     無風 無雨 無米樂大大說的對^^僅在此補充一下這個片語字典上有喔意思就是值得注意/不容小覷/不容忽略/不能被忽視/不能小看的人事物請參考國際商業禮儀-商用英語:( force to be reckoned with 值得注意的人,物例句1:出自Taipei Times Thursday, Feb 02, 2006,Page 2 Analysts have pointed out that the PFP is facing a crucial test on whether the party would remain a political force to be reckoned with after the 1997 legislative elections or disappear from the political scene. 分析家指出親民黨面對一項關鍵性的考驗,就是這個政黨是否在1997年立法院選矩之後是否仍是一個不容忽視的政治力量,還是會從政壇裏消失.例句2:www.sina.com.hk/service/about/about.htmlAs a public company, SINA.com continues to operate in a market commonly acknowledged as a force to be reckoned with in the new global economy身為一家上市公司,新浪Sina.com在全球新經濟下眾所認同值得注意的市場當中繼續經營例句3:出自外交部台北駐紐西蘭辦事處網站Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New Zealand Taiwan has always been a force to be reckoned with. (台灣向來是不容小覷的)Our economic performance over the past decades has been nothing short of phenomenal. Thanks to a pick-up in global economic growth, Taiwan’s exports and private investments both grew ...www.taipei.org.nz/index-1-1.html

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    force to be reckoned with → 強迫一起計算

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