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L/C上面的 Inspection certificate.

我開一張L/C,上面有載明要求要Inspection certificate.

現廠商問我,那證明是要做何用途,我要如何解釋Inspection certificate.的功能呢?

請大家幫個忙 ^_^!

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             Inspection Certificate  May 16, 2006We hereby certify that the following goods have been inspected by our qualified personel in due course and found that they meet the generally-accepted standards with regard to the commodity.DESCRIPTION OF GOODS 品名QUANTITY 數量QUALITY 品質ORIGIN OF GOODS 產地                      Signed By                 XXXXXXX    XXXXX    XXXXX                 AT XXXXX XXXXX 公司這是檢驗證明書, 如無特別指定, 由賣方出具即可, 品質欄填上good即可.