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    LV deep understand can all sorts of's tactic, come keep its legend, sutra, princely value sense.

    Thereinto, price's tactic is a important hinge. LV de covers is forever not cheapen de, always can not promote time discount at any's department store, even if familiar want with shopboy plead for mercy for sb., says price, too impossible. This die hard sale strategy, let loyal customer can reassurance death loyal field with fix LV de footfall.

    LV to ren he yi ge's customer all hug the respectest mood. Go LV do shop also want queue, be because LV hope every customer at shop in all can enjoy most treat with courtesy de service, not hope like grocer crowd with crowd in shop, but adopt control customer's quantitative measure.

    And every's a pair of bag all as handwork tailoring de LV, natal speed limited, so LV too can customer buy goods de quantity. Each's a pair of bag, each's guest can only buy a, as avoid same money's bag cover with

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    還是要去 品質不錯,老婆很喜歡!