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    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 22 (Ticker) -- Often compared to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant entered the rarefied realm of Wilt Chamberlain.

    It was the NBA's greatest individual offensive performance aside from Chamberlain's landmark 100-point game against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962. That figure once was considered unapproachable, but Bryant is raising the possibility.

    "Not even in my dreams. This was something that just happened," he said. "It is tough to explain. It is just one of those things."

    2006-05-17 16:21:15 補充:

    After scoring 26 points in the first half, Bryant exploded for 55 after the break - four shy of Chamberlain's record for points in a half. He outscored the Raptors by 14 points after halftime.

    2006-05-17 16:22:38 補充:

    Bryant made 28-of-46 shots - including 7-of-13 3-pointers - and 18-of-20 free throws. He shattered his previous career high of 62 points set vs.

    2006-05-17 16:23:40 補充:

    This was very similar to the Dallas game as far as my mentality." "I was at the game when Elgin got 71, so I've been at both games that set the Lakers franchise record," said Hall of Famer

    2006-05-17 16:24:31 補充:

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, now a Lakers assistant. "Elgin did it without the 3-point line. His game was attacking the hoop and hitting jumpers within 20 feet. Kobe's range is unreal and he does it his way."

    2006-05-17 16:25:09 補充:

    After making a layup with 3:26 remaining to reach 74 points, Bryant scored his last seven from the free-throw line. He sank a pair of free throws with 43 seconds left to complete his magical performance and exited to a huge ovation with 4.2 seconds to go.

    2006-05-17 16:25:59 補充:

    "He played great tonight," said Raptors guard Morris Peterson, who guarded Bryant most of the game. "I never seen anything like that. Take nothing away from that performance tonight.

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