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英文翻譯 誰可以幫忙我翻譯!!烏急急急



朔身衣穿起來會有不舒服及壓迫的感覺,爾我們的產品就是根據各位顧客的需求,去梁身打造伊健專屬於自己,獨特的朔身衣.美味顧客到我們公司來訂做朔身衣時,都會有專業的裁縫師以布尺測量身體的每個部位,根據這些測量的結果,設計一件符合自身需求,我們也適用上等的蠶綠材質,透氣,舒服 以及添加了中藥材的成分,當身溫遇到這些會刺激脂肪家數排汗的藥材時,以達到雕碩身材取線的目的,就像貸戒指的感覺一樣,當你常將戒指往手指一帶時,日子久了帶戒指的地方會感覺瘦一圈,

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    Modern female of the work property usually takes office worker as mostly, they work of the pass west has to maintain the same of posture with long hours, the day is long and will miserably get the very big burden to the body, will often feel the sour backache of waist, and everyday go off work to go home behind fatigue and cause to want the athletic viewpoint not, so fat of young female of the hoard team now to speak to is one big cutthroat, because these reason, many young females will start spending money to exercise weight reduction, but can reach the eyes a handful of men only, we simple the weight reduction company is to aim at now young female of need, design a series of the product of the shape of a sculpture .

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    Because the modern feminine work nature usually goes to work the race

    for is in the majority, they because work Guanxi had to want the long

    time maintenance identical posture, the day to be long to the body had

    realized miserably lived the extremely big burden, will often feel the

    backache backache, after in addition every day got off work goes home

    because of exhausted causes not to want the movement the idea,

    therefore the fat stores up the team present the young female said is

    a big murderer, because of these reasons, many young females could

    start to spend the movement thin body, but could achieve item actually

    only had the minority person, our Jan 單瘦 body company aims at the

    present young feminine demand, Designs a series of vultures spear

    stature the product


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