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小豬 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

可以交我 寫英文找工作的履歷表麼~今天晚上12點前要歐



after raading with interests your advertisement in today\'s Uites Daily News,I would like to apply for the position of Assistant in your office.

I have just graduated from the Department of International Trade,the Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology this June.I have completed the courses of training for working in the field of international business, for example: typing, Ms office, Internet application, English and Interantional Trade Practice..and so on. Especially I am very interested in writing business letters\" and know the whole procedures about international trade, although I have on actual experience. I am confident and believe that I can meet your requirements.

Please find attached files which are my resum and autobiographic for your further reference. I sincerely hope that I may have the pleasure of an interview at the time most convenient to you.

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  • 1 0 年前

    在raading 以興趣您的廣告以後在今天Uites 每日新聞, 我希望申請助理的位置在您的辦公室。

    我從國際貿易的部門, 這June.I 完成了路線訓練為工作在國際事務領域的海外華僑技術研究所畢業了, 例如: 鍵入, MS 辦公室、網際網路應用、英語和Interantional 商業Practice..and 那麼。特別是我是非常對文字商業函件感興趣"並且知道整體規程關於國際貿易, 雖然我有在實際經驗。我是確信的和相信, 我能符合您的要求。

    附上是我resum 和自傳體的作為您的進一步參考的文件。我懇切地希望, 我也許當時有採訪的樂趣最方便對您。

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