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請問下列俚語的意思是什麼 :

the icing(frosting) on the cake

eat one\'s cake and have it to

big cheese

cherry pie

a smart cookie

a tough cookie

that\'s the way the cookie crumbles

cream of the crop

(as)cool as a cucumber

big egg

egg in one\'s face

put all one\'s eggs in one basket

put something on ice





因打錯字,big egg更正為 bad egg

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    ·  The icing(frosting) on the cake原意是「蛋糕上的一層糖霜衣」,衍伸為「額外的好處」、「佔到便宜」的意思。John got a promotion and a raise at the same time, it is really an icing on the cake.·  Eat one's cake and have it too 指「一箭雙雕、腳踏兩條船」的意思。John was engaged to Ann and still dating Jane; he was trying to eat his cake and have it, too.·   Big cheese 指「大人物」的意思。John is considered a big cheese in the Republican Party due to his close relationship with the White House.·  Cherry pie 有3個意思:1.   處女的私處 I want to eat a girl out tonight..but not a whore..I'm craving some cherry pie.2.   被男友打紅的臉 She got a cherry pie on her face after a serious quarrel with John last night3.  月經中的女友(表示不期待性關係)”John why you still take Jane out while you have known she is having cherry pie.”·   A smart cookie 指「精靈能幹」的年輕人。John is considered a smart cookie in the sales department.·    A tough cookie 指「決斷有韌性」的人。Grown up in Brooklyn ghettos (貧民區), John got to be a tough cookie to survive.·    That's the way the cookie crumbles 原意是「小餅乾就是這樣被壓碎的」,引伸為「天下是不如人意者十之八九」、「逆來順受」。” I lost 1 million dollar in the stock market.” “ Hey, John, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”·  Cream of the crop 指「事物精華的部分」。John always gets the cream of the crop at deals he makes.·  As cool as a cucumber 「冷靜的」、「收斂的」的意思,因為不論天氣如何熱黃瓜的心總是保持清涼。John was as cool as a cucumber even when his team lost 30 points.·  Big egg·  Egg in one's face 指「尷尬的情境」。John felt an egg on his face when he found his girl friend kissing with his best friend. ·  Put all one's eggs in one basket 「把所有雞蛋放在一個藍子裡」引申為「風險集中」的意思。 John declined to take any advice and decided to put all his eggs in one basket. ·  Put something on ice 指「把某一件事停頓下來不再進行」。John decided to put the investment plan on ice when the bank raised the interest rate sharply.

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    小狗不咬人了因為上了知識 :

    以上成語來自不同的網站,還有一個Big Egg找不到,幫忙找找看。

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    the icing(frosting) on the cake

    ==> 指蛋糕上面的糖霜==>錦上添花

    ==>All these letters of congratulation are icing on the cake.

    eat one's cake and have it to==>吃蛋糕還想要據全部為己有==>魚與熊掌兼得

    =>Doug engaged to Ann and still dating Jane; he was trying to eat his cake and have it, too.

    big cheese==> 重量級有影響力的人物(chess可以用 gun, shot, wheel..代替)

    ==>She loved being the big cheese of her company.

    cream of the crop==>金黃色的農作物==> 最好或是最佳選擇的東西

    ==> The apples from this orchard are definitely the cream of the crop.

    (as)cool as a cucumber==> 儘管天氣炎熱但是小黃瓜內部還是冰涼的==> 十分冷靜

    ==> Despite the mishap Margaret was as cool as a cucumber.

    put all one's eggs in one basket==>把所有但都放再同一個籃子==> 孤注一擲

    以下這些我尚未找到, 找到後以補充回答

    put something on ice==>

    cherry pie==>

    a smart cookie==>

    a tough cookie==>

    that's the way the cookie crumbles==>

    big egg==>

    egg in one's face==>

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    上面的那位大大有參考網站可以給我嗎?非常感謝您! 您真是厲害阿~

    參考資料: 美國傳世字典