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求綠樂團”call my name”英文版的歌詞~謝謝!!!

我想要綠樂團\"CALL MY NAME\"的歌詞..要英文版的!!!


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  • Kerdia
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    Take my hand

    And lead me to that place

    Don't waste your time

    Just another pretty face

    Now don't you know

    You're meant to be with me

    I'm waiting yeah

    For you to call my name

    If this is how it was meant to be

    I don't care, anything is OK

    Only thing about it

    I just wanna know

    How I can kill time

    Baby the moment you said goodbye

    In the light of the day in a clear blue sky

    On my cheek fell a single drop of rain

    A thousand sighs

    So slow, the time goes by

    It's such a drag

    You know i'm getting tired

    One drop of rain became an ocean

    And in my tears I'm drowning

    I'm begging now

    For you to call my name

    The path of a life time in just a day

    Cried and cried for what seems forever

    How could you do this to me

    What did I do?

    Want your love again

    Baby this whirl pool of emptiness

    Has got me spinning 'round so fast I'm on my knees

    I never knew that the water could be so deep

    The further I fall down into the emptiness

    Rays of the sun we call love just fade away

    If you care anymore baby call my name

    I love you, love you, love you baby

    I want you, want you, want you back again

    參考資料: PTT綠樂團板
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