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柚子 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

英文作文 我最喜歡的季節

如題 題目是 我最喜歡的季節

拜託各位了 幫我想想吧

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  • naekuo
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    1 0 年前

    It's Mating Season! 動物交配期BY DONNA LYPCHUKLove is the air. And everywhere you look, there are signs that another Human Mating Season is finally here.On the subway, women with faces made up to look like kabuki players, make wide-eyed Barbie doll eyes at silent, sullen simian beasts who, somehow, during the last two weeks, have shed their plaid flannel skins and miraculously developed the power of actual human speech.At night, the bars and patios are full of these magical creatures. Not quite understanding exactly what's happening to them, they numb their normally excellent sense of judgment with copious amounts of a common depressant called alcohol, in order to cope with their suddenly strong and violent urges to copulate with anyone who comes along. Like most animals, human beings never think about the results of their actions at the time of their actual mating, which is why they are always shocked and appalled when their union, a month or two later, produces a small sperm sculpture which often must be removed from the woman by a professional. It is ironic that we accept so easily the miracle of cloning and test-tube babies, but every time one of us spontaneously reproduces, we can't understand how that miracle could possibly have happened. This is Spring Fever's final culmination -- a moment of supreme, mutual stupidity that neither party can seem to admit to.Human mating rituals have evolved over thousands of years into a process that is specifically designed to produce the opposite effect of what you intended when your eyes first met with those come-hither looks across that smoky room -- a baby, a marriage, a mortgage.

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  • 1 0 年前

    很難回答1. 不知道你喜歡甚麼季節,是甚麼樣的人,有甚麼 hobby2. 不知道你的英文程度3. 作文要多長?4. 我住和住過的地方和你不同吧,你那邊的 X 季是如何呢?寫作小技巧:開頭可以寫 My favorite season is Summer (我最喜歡的季節是夏天),不過這很普通,建議你寫個小故事,說你那一季有做些甚麼,或用詩句來描述它。例子:Open blue sea, bikinis, dipping my feet into the cold sand and feeling the warm wind, such is my favorite relaxation. Nothing is better than summer. 寬闊的海,比基尼,把腳插在冷冷的沙裡,和吹溫暖的風,這就是我最愛的休閒。沒有比夏天更好的東西了。例子:This spring, my family went to xxx to see cherry bloosoms. I didn't get to drink any beer on the blanket. Still, it was a beautiful experience. The cherry trees didn't have any green, but already they are blooming like pink cotton candies. The mountain still feels chill, but I can feel the warmth brought by cherry's early announcement. I don't like cold, and I hate the depressing summer even more. Spring is like a vacation from all that stress from last year. 這個春天我和我家人去 xxx 看櫻花。我沒有喝到任何啤酒。不過那仍是個美麗的經驗。櫻樹還沒有任何的綠色,不過已經像是一撮撮粉紅色的棉花糖了。山上還可以感到一些冷氣,不。過我可以感到櫻花宣佈(春天)所帶來的暖氣(指人潮)。我不喜歡冷,更討厭鬱悶的夏天。春天就像是個讓人離開去年壓力的假期。中間一段可以寫景色,不過寫你在那一季可以做甚麼可以比較容易。最後結語可以寫上面的大意,不過寫些新的 idea 會更好,例如寫未來季節來的時候的計劃。如果有寫好的話請貼上來問。不要怕英文有寫錯,如果看到你願意自己寫,我想大家會很樂意幫你的。

    2006-05-20 13:07:24 補充:

    範例英文有些文法錯,不過我不是學生了 :-)

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