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誰有 黑色星期五的迷信 (英文文章)


內容要有關  黑色星期五的迷信 唷!




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    In history there have been a number of events that happened on a Friday and are known as Black Friday:

    Black Friday (1869) - a stock market crash in the United States

    Black Friday (1919) - a riot in Glasgow stemming from industrial unrest

    Black Friday (1939) - a day of devastating fires in Australia

    Black Friday (1978) - a massacre of protesters in Iran

    Black Friday (1982) - known in Britain after Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, sparking the Falklands War

    Black Friday - a crackdown on a peaceful protest in the capital city of Maldives,

    Black Friday (shopping) - the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the first shopping day of the Christmas season and one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

    Black Friday (1940 film) - science-fiction/horror film starring Boris Karloff, Stanley Ridges and Bela Lugosi.

    Black Friday (1993 film) - an unreleased film on the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai

    "Black Friday" is the title of a song by Steely Dan

    "Black Friday Rule" is the title of a song by Flogging Molly

    "Black Friday" is the name given to the last Friday before Christmas in the United Kingdom. It is a day when widespread anti-social behaviour due to public alcohol consumption is expected to occur, and police are given additional powers to combat it.