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post bop

我想知道這篇關於post bop文章的內容

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It has become increasingly difficnlt to categorize modern jazz. A large segment of the music does not fit into any historical style, it is not as rock-oriented as fusion or as free as avant garde. Starting with the rise of Wynton Marsalis in 1979, a whole generation of younger players chose to play an updated variety of hard bop that was also influenced by the mid-\'60s\' Miles Davis Quintet and aspects of free jazz.Since this music (which often features complex chordal improvisation ) has become the norm for jass in the 1990s,the terms modern mainstream or Post -Bop are used for everything from Wallace Roney to John Scofield, and symbolize the eclectic scene as jazz enters its second century.- Scott yanow

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    現代爵士樂 (modern jazz) 已經愈來愈難被分類,其之中一大部分的音樂已經很難以過去出現的任何風格來歸納,它們並非是像搖滾樂風格的融合樂 (fusion),也不像前衛爵士 (avant garde) 那樣解放。隨著 1979 年溫頓.馬沙利斯 (Wynton Marsalis) 的崛起,整個世代的年輕演奏家都選擇演奏一種受 60 年代中期邁爾士.戴維斯五重奏 (Miles Davis Quintet) 及自由爵士風 (free jazz) 影響的「新式重咆勃 (hard bop)」。因為這種常表現出繁複和絃的即興演奏音樂已成為 1990 年代爵士樂的典範,使「現代主流」(modern mainstream) 或「後咆勃」(Post-Bop) 也變成描述自華勒斯.朗尼 (Wallace Roney) 至斯科菲爾德 (John Scofield) 任何事物的術語,也代表一塊兼容並蓄的領域,如同爵士樂進入了它的第二個世紀。

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