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    I think the advantage of my personality is optimistic. Optimistic helps me to come over

    the frustrations immediately ; listen to others earnestly and understand the meaning that other tries to convey help me to be more friendly and reconcile the conflict consummately. I hope that I can develop my professional specialty adequately into the future work , especially the applying financial part , I believe that my killer instict and efforts will keep improving and evolving.

    參考資料: Me
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  • ?
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    1 0 年前

    I think that the advantage on one's own individual character is, optimistic to keep forging ahead. The optimistic individual character makes me meet the setback and stand up at once, listen to others talking conscientiously in everything, it understand clearly unless meaning the other side want what has been expressed, make I for affinity,and can satisfactory conflict of dissolving. I expect that on the work , make one's own speciality fully worthy of waving , especially financial application respect in the future, it is persistent and diligent and believe one's own one, can certainly grow up , break through constantly .

    參考資料: 老師
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  • Miss H
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    1 0 年前

    I think the advantage of my personality is that I am optimistic and eager. The optimism in my personality allows me to immediately get over any setbacks. The fact that I always listen carefully to other people in order to clearly understand them makes me an approachable person, and allows me to resolve any conflict diplomatically. My expectation in my future job is to make fully develop my areas of specialty, especially in the applications of finance. I also believe that with my persistent hardwork, I will definitely be able to cintinuously grow and improve myself.

    2006-05-23 21:27:57 補充:

    Sorry, 第5行應該是"...job is to fully..." (刪除make)第5行應該是 " to continuously..." (wrong spelling)(預覽時沒看清楚)

    參考資料: Myself
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