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Name: Tokyo Dome \"Big Egg\"

Location: 3, Koraku 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Owner: Tokyo Dome Corporation

Opening Day: March 13, 1988


Site: 112,456 sq m (1.21 x 106 sq ft)

Building: 46,755 sq m (503,267 sq ft)

Field: 13,000 sq m (139,931 sq ft)

Right, Left: 100 m (328.1 ft)

Center: 122 m(400.3 ft)

Capacity: 1,240,000 cubic m (4.378x107 cubic ft)

2 basements, 6 elevated

56.190 m above ground level

61.690 m

55,000 persons

The Tokyo Dome is an air-supported dome.

Air is constantly blown into the dome by a pressure fan, keeping the air pressure inside the dome some 0.3% higher than that outside, thus holding up its covering membrane.

This pressure difference is equivalent to that between the 1st and 9th floor of a building and is hardly detectable by the human body.

FurtherMore, in order to minimize the loss of air from inside the dome, revolving doors are used for all exits and entrances.


名字: 東京圓頂\"大蛋\"

地點: 3, Koraku 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, 東京

所有者: 東京Dome Corporation

開頭天: 1988 年3月13 日


站點: 112,456 sq.m (1.21 x 106 平方英尺)

大廈: 46,755 sq.m (503,267 平方英尺)

領域: 13,000 sq.m (139,931 平方英尺)

權利, 被留下: 100 m (328.1 ft)

中心: 122 m(400.3 ft)

容量: 1,240,000 立方體m (4.378x107 立方體ft)

2 間地下室, 6 被舉起

56.190 m 在底層之上

61.690 m

55,000 個人


空氣經常吹入圓頂由壓力風扇, 保持氣壓在圓頂裡面大約0.3% 高級比那外部, 如此阻止它的覆蓋物膜。

這個壓力區別與那是等效的在大廈的第1 和第9 樓之間和是幾乎不可發現的由人體。

此外, 為了使空氣減到最小損失從裡邊圓頂, 轉門被使用為所有出口和入口。




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    Tokyo DomeFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchCoordinates: 35.7056° N 139.7519° E Tōkyō Dome (東京ドーム Tōkyō Dōmu, TYO: 9681 ) is a 55,000-seat stadium located in Bunkyo Ward of Tokyo, Japan. It is the home field of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team, and has also hosted basketball and American football games, as well as Puroresu (pro-wrestling) matches, Mixed Martial Arts events, K-1 Kickboxing events, and music concerts. Its dome-shaped roof is an air-supported structure, a flexible membrane held up by slightly pressurizing the inside of the stadium.


    The Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City amusement park.Tōkyō Dome's original nickname was "The Big Egg." However, this has fallen from use and is rarely heard. It opened for business on March 17, 1988 and was built on the site of its predecessor, Kōrakuen Stadium. Like Kōrakuen, the Dome hosts the Toei Superheroes of the year.In addition to being an arena, the Tōkyō Dome also has an amusement park on its grounds. Named Tokyo Dome City, it includes a rollercoaster and Ferris wheel as well as some shops and restaurants.The Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets played a pair of games here to open the 2000 season, the first time American major league baseball teams have played regular-season games in Asia. The New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays played two games there in March of 2004 to open that season.In August 2005, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Indianapolis Colts 27-20 in the first NFL preseason game of the year in the stadium.東京巨蛋(東京ドーム,Tokyo Dome)位於日本東京文京區,是一座有55,000個座位的體育館。同時是日本職棒讀賣巨人的主場,也舉辦籃球與美式足球比賽,還有職業摔角、綜合武術、K-1賽事或音樂表演。其蛋型屋頂為具彈性的薄膜,一般會把巨蛋內的氣壓控制在比巨蛋外高0.3%以維持蛋頂外型。東京巨蛋原本的暱稱是The Big Egg(ビッグエッグ),但已經很少有人這麼說了。於5月17日,1988年開始商業運轉,建於其前身後樂園球場原址。東京巨蛋除了是比賽場之外,同時也有一座主題樂園,名為東京巨蛋城市(Tokyo Dorm City),有雲霄飛車、摩天輪與一些商店、餐廳、野球體育博物館。芝加哥小熊隊與紐約大都會隊曾在這裡打了兩場2000年開幕戰,這也是首次有美國職棒大聯盟球隊在亞洲地區打正規球季賽。紐約洋基隊與坦帕灣魔鬼魚隊在2004年三月在此打了兩場開幕戰。

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    http://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/e/dome/architectural.h... DOME owns and operates the Tokyo Dome (also known as the "Big Egg"), home field to Japanese professional baseball team the Yomiuri Giants. Not just a baseball field, Tokyo Dome plays host to such events as horse races, concerts, and trade shows. Air pressure inside the dome inflates a membrane sheltering the stadium. Through a string of subsidiaries, TOKYO DOME is also active in amusement parks, bowling centers, building management, finance, fitness clubs, golf courses, hotels, real estate, restaurants, retail, and ski resorts. The company opened the 43-story Tokyo Dome Hotel in 2000 and the spa/shopping/amusement park complex LaQua in 2003.

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    東京巨蛋地址:東京都文京區後樂1-3-61電話:03-5800-9999 網址:www.tokyo-dome.co.jp野球體育博物館:東京巨蛋第21號門旁TOIDO棒球用品專賣店:東京巨蛋第21號門旁美國運動商品專賣店:東京巨蛋第22號門旁1988年完工的東京巨蛋,是日本第一個室內棒球場。除了正式名稱「TOKYO DOME」之外,另有一個別名「BIG EGG」,清楚地說明這個球場的使用目的--提供多功能的娛樂和精彩的各式比賽。目前除提供職棒演出外,也是社會人球界在舉辦都市對抗賽的比賽場地。

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