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Cancer screening is notoriously unreliable: a positive test often does not indicate disease, and a negative result does not always mean the patient can walk away with a handshake and a smile. In February many physicians and patients were encouraged by the results of a new test for ovarian cancer, hoping that it would be a non-invasive, cost-effective way to save thousands of lives. The findings offered proof of the enticing idea that within the thousands of proteins swimming in the blood lies a simple code that, if broken, will reveal whether cancer lurks in the body. But although the concept is promising, this technique is a long way from being useful within the general population.

News of this latest approach sparked widespread interest because none of today’s diagnostic tests for ovarian cancer—including ultrasonography, pelvic exams and blood tests to detect levels of a protein called CA 125—can consistently detect the disease early, when the cure rate is around 90 percent. Instead most women are diagnosed once their cancer has progressed, when the chances pf surviving five years drop to 35 percent.


請問 lift the screen應該怎麼翻會比較好呢?

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  • seira
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    1 0 年前


    巨蟹座紗網材料眾所周知地是不可靠的: 一個積極的測試時常不指出疾病,而且一個否定的結果不總是意謂病人能以一個握手和一個微笑走開。 在二月,許多醫師和病人對於卵巢的癌症被新測試的結果鼓勵了,希望節省數以千計生命將會是一個非侵入又有成本效益的方法。 調查結果提供了了在血在數以千計蛋白質游泳裡面躺臥的慫恿想法的證明一 這最近的方式新聞發動了了廣大的興趣因為沒有今天診斷的測試為卵巢的包括癌症的 ultrasonography,骨盤的考試和驗血發現被稱為加州 125 的蛋白質的水準-能一致地早發現疾病,當治療率在 90% 的周圍的時候。 一旦他們的癌症已經促進相反的大多數的女人被診斷,當平安渡過五年的機會 pf 降低到 35% 的時候。


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  • 博仁
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    1 0 年前

    原本癌症的檢測正確率並不好,藉由新方法有機會改善=> 應該可寫為 "提升檢測(篩檢)率"

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