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Somalia does not spring to mind as a good place to do business, but in telecoms at least it has something to teach the world. A call from a Somali mobile phone is generally cheaper and clearer than a call from anywhere else in Africa. The trick is the lack of regulation. Somalia has had no government since 1991. It was cut off for a while, but then private mobile companies moved in and found that the collapsed state provided a curious competitive advantage.

No government means no state telecoms company to worry about, no corrupt ministry officials to pay off, and the freedom to choose the best-value equipment. Taxes, pay-able to a tentative local authority or strongman, are seldom more than 5%, security is another 5%, and customs duties are next to nothing. There is need to pay for licences, or to pay to put up masts. It is a vivid illustration of the way in which governments, for all their lip service to extending communications, can often be more of a hindrance than a help.

Golis Telecom, based in the northern port of Bossaso, is one of the larger forces in the Somali market. Its chair-man, Adan Sheikhdon Ali, hopes for 50000 mobile subscribers by 2007—not bad for a country where many people still live a nomadic life in the desert be-yond a mobile signal. Golis spent $2.7m on Chinese equipment to set up its ser-vice and has since expanded its reach across the country, drawing in custom-ers with its low prices. You can call any-where on the planet on a Golis mobile for 0.30 a minute. Pricing is especially important in Somalia, says Mr Ali, because many potential customers are illiterate and so immune to advertising.

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    索馬利亞不跳介意如一個好地方做生意,但是在電訊中,至少,它有某事教世界。 來自一支索馬利人手機的一個呼叫在非洲比來自任何地方的一個呼叫更通常更便宜和更更清楚。 詭計是缺乏條例。 索馬利亞自從 1991 以後沒有政府。 它是走開一陣子削減,但是然後,私人的移動公司搬進並且發現被倒塌的州提供了了一個好奇的競爭利益。

    沒有政府沒有意謂州電訊公司煩惱關於,沒有腐敗的部官員還清,和自由選擇最好-價值設備。稅,支付-聰明的到一個試驗性的地方當局或者 strongman,很少是超過 5% ,安全是另外 5% ,而且關稅差不多沒有。 有需要支付執照,或支付搭起天線柱。它是在政府,儘管他們有唇維修的方式的一個生動說明到延伸溝通,時常能是更多 .

    Golis 電訊,建立在 Bossaso 的港口北部中,更大的軍隊之一在索馬利人市場中。 它的椅子-男人, Adan Sheikhdon Ali,2007 之前希望 50000位移動訂戶-對於一個國家是不是壞在哪裡許多人仍然在沙漠中住遊牧的生活是-那邊的一個移動的信號。 Golis 花費$2.7 m 在中國設備建立它的重量的單位-惡習而且自從已經擴大橫過國家的它的範圍後,變短習慣-用它的低價格的 ers。你能打電話給任何-在哪裡在一個 Golis 行動電話上的行星上

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