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1.An unusual.

2.After school.


4.My favorite season.

5.If I were........


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  • 1 0 年前

    LOVE THE FASION OF SUMMER (My favorite season)

    There are a hundred reasons why we love summer. The most important and obvious one is that we can wear a variety of fabulous clothes.

    The world becomes bustling with a full spectrum of colours: russet, orange, yellow, green, green blue, blue, purple, pink, light green, lilac, delicate amber and emerald, milky white and light grey, red with green, yellow with purple, and black with white. Where the sun shines, there are always brilliant colours. This is summer.

    Whether spaghetti-stapped, transparent, baring the belly, long, short, loose o r tight, the summer styles are all comfortable and – pleasant. Trimmings accentuate a slim cut. Sequins add to femininity. Printed fabric is avant-garde and cool. The designs are random yet exquisite, and elegant with a note of leisure. Summer is like this. Where there are breezes, some dresses flutter.

    Summer is so lovely. When the mercury gradually rises in the thermometer, our spirits are also being lifted. At this moment, Nature is like a warm-hearted, energetic and handsome gentleman sending hints, regards and invitations to you. It is a good idea to scrupulously conceal your joy and delight in a trendy transparent handbag. Wearing a knee-length dress with shoulder straps and floral patterns, sandals embellished with sequins, subtle make-up and a few drops of sensous perfume, you are ready for a mysterious date. The place to meet in a summer day may be a shopping mall, a beach, a street or a pub. Spending the summer like this must be joyful and wonderful.

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  • 1 0 年前

    There are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. They are all beautiful and wonderful. I like them very much. But my favorite season is winter.

    Winter is a cold season. The temperature always goes below 0℃. Winter is a white season. When it is snowing, everything becomes white. That’s a very beautiful picture, I think.

    Let’s go out! We enter a world which is white everywhere. We make snowmen, some are big and others are small. We use carrots to make their nose. We put brooms in their hands. We put our hats and scarves and gloves on their bodies. We use black or colored buttons to be their eyes and mouths. We dance and sing around it. We’re so happy!

    There are some great festivals in winter. There is Christmas, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. We can take a trip to other cities or countries. But I like staying in my own city. I can go and visit my relatives and my friends. I can play with my cousins. I can enjoy a lot of nice dishes. They taste well. I can also celebrate these festivals with my family.

    Though the outside of my home is very cold, it’s very warm inside.


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