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  • Rita
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    1 0 年前

    Endure rice science and technology, it will be that science and technology and industry develop the greatest driving force in the 21st century ; Electronic element small to take faced material and technological bottleneck, break through to some extent because the application which endure rice science and technology is researched and developed too. In endure rice under the yardstick , because electron , photon , phonon one's own and mutual reciprocation, the material , component and system will show apparent improving or entirely different physics , chemistry , biological characteristic and phenomenon. It is that the structure or device of the atom , molecule , or huge member's yardstick explore these characteristics by controlling to endure the main goal of rice technology, and efficient manufacture or using these devices . Predict future and endure the new material , new characteristic and new installation , use newly and the influence of examining technology of accurate quantity set up derived that rice science and technology produce , will spread all over the industries , such as energy storage , photoelectricity , computer , record media , mechanical tool , medical medicine , genetic engineering , environment , resource , chemical industry ,etc.. How endure characteristic, rice of science and technology, change into then practical application produce the concrete economic performance, it is today the advanced country of development in science and technology pays attention to enduring the main factor of science and technology of rice.

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    The most special part of this product, lie in the part of the ceramic panel , it is to adopt Japan in the black place of surface of the mirror of Hi-Tech the most, not only it is up to 2500 degrees to strengthen ceramic hardness of layout,

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    2006-05-28 13:20:48 補充:

    because the black endures the Northwest in the place of surface of the mirror of rice, can let our hair quality have protection mould of one layer to the modelling done under the high temperature,

    2006-05-28 13:21:06 補充:

    and it is 1620 degrees up more to even more the coefficient of friction of the hair to lie in , has strengthened in the heat-resisting and hardness and rubed one degree of

    2006-05-28 13:21:13 補充:

    comprehensive concocting even more than the original zirconium element, the ones that keep remaining unchanged 120~40~160~180~200 degrees become warm.

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  • 博仁
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    1 0 年前

    奈米科技 = Endure rice science and technology ???


    沒聽過 Nano Technology 嗎?

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