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    Dear Mr. Chen and My Classmates,Today I would like to introduce you an electronic clock which was bought from internet last summer. It has a white shell which is not very impressive from its outlook. But when it glows in a dark room, the rights are so glaring. There are 12 light colors changing constantly. It is so unique; let me demonstrate it in front of you. Except the lighting, it glows by LED which saves energy, it bulb lasts longer, large display screen with doze alarm device. I like its features so I demonstrate to you all. Thanks for your attention.註1:在英文裡稱呼老師必須稱呼「某先生、女士」而不是「某老師」。所以如果是男老師就稱Mr. Chen (陳),女老師如果未冠夫姓就稱 Ms. Chen,冠夫姓就稱Mrs. Chen. 註2:貪睡模式的鬧鈴就是英文所謂的"doze alarm" (假寐鬧鈴),在鬧鈴第一次響起被按下後若干分鐘會自動第二次想起,把人從醒半睡半醒中鬧醒。

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  • Teacher, each classmate everyone good, I will want what to introduce today is an electronics clock, it is what I summer vacation bought on the network last year, although the outer shell of the white looked to how to didn't attract attention, but once evening, ray at dark at the mid-night really and rather brilliant, have the colourful light of 12 kinds of colors totally, will change continuously, very much special, I operate once now. In addition to light, it uses LED to give out light, the province electricity, the light bulb life is long, also owning a big screen, even having love to sleep mode to make bell.I like its distinguishing feature very much, introducing to everyone here, thanking

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