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1 If you had extra money,what would you do with it? Save? Spend?Invest? please explain your answer in detail?

2 Do you agree or disagree with the stateman:\"Everyone wants to get rich quick,without working for their money\'\'? why or why not?

3 Explain the phrase\"big break\" Do you think luck or skill is involved in a big break? Which do you think will happen to you?You will work hard to earn your money, or you will get a big break and become rich?


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    Depands on the economic trends and how much money we are talking about.

    Because small amount of money will be pointness to save and spend, and larger money would have to becareful when regurding to invest in any markets. If the amount of money is enough for me to invest, i would most likely to invest to the share market. And i would use my persoanl experiences and researches to find out the most stable and profitable stock.


    Depands on different kinds of people, if the statement is cover all the population then i would say" I m disagree". People glow up, think, experienced, and educated differently, there fore, the statement is not appropriate to indicate all the population.


    I would more concern about the level of skill that the individual has, because in the end of the day luck will be fogetten but skills will be carried in longer term.

    Skills are the ability to be successful and skills are the key issue to become what you what to achieve.

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