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Write a short essay(in 10 sentences)on the topic:“Will computer help you leare English better, why?”


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    Computers play an important role in the modern world. Today they are used in many areas of human activities, such as business, industry, science, and education. The development of computers has also created many ways to learning English. English is an international language. On the web,wherever you go, you see English, English radios, English broadcast programs, online games made by people in English speaking countries ...... From this point of view, it is true that in order to stand at the edge of technology, youngsters nowadays learn English . Learning English is like learning to swim or learning to play ball. Our primary trouble is that we have tackled the study of language from the wrong end. We are like the man who thinks he can learn to swim only by reading books about swimming. In actuality, we learn by doing. The grammatical rules are valuable as we plunge into the language and need some assistance. In the same way, advanced instructions about swimming are helpful as we learn something from actual experience in the water. But reading books never makes a swimmer and learning rules never makes a practical linguist. The regular procedure in learning English involves listening first, to be followed by speaking. Then comes reading, and finally the writing of the language. The way you learn English is much the same as the way you learned your own language. First of all you must listen and then repeat and repeat until you can use the language easily. In other words, you have to build up language habits in English just as you build up English habits in your own language. To sum up, we must bear in mind that nobody can learn to swim for you. Nobody can learn to play ball for you. Nobody can learn English for you. It's up to you. You must learn for yourself and you will learn if you really want to and are willing to practice.

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    It really depands how you use your computer, because computer itself can not help alot with your learning but if you know how to use it then computer might assist you with your English learning.

    Foe example, Computer Assisted Language Learning

    Information and resources discussing the use of C.A.L.L (Computer Assisted language Learning) as an instrument of language learning and teaching. Discussions include how to properly use a computer in a classroom environment.

    Multimedia computing, the Internet, and the World Wide Web have provided an incredible boost to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) applications. Once relegated to "novelty" status, CALL is finally achieving the recognition it deserves thanks in large part to these developing technologies.

    Desktop computers are now able to play natural human speech together with full-screen interactive video, an impossibility just a few years ago. Users can now communicate and interact with one another in real-time. Such virtual chats provide solid opportunities for authentic language use among native and non-native speakers on an unprecedented scale in terms of the numbers of users and the geographical distances involved. The sudden proliferation of CD-ROMs offering language instruction is no surprise either

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