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    I am a person who don't know me and would feel I am very peaceful and smart, knowing me will feel I am very blurred.However I like to make friend very much, as long as you would like to talk with me actively, I will open mind to you.Although I a lot of words, you may can not stand, however we can certainly become a good friend!

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    I am a person who will be misunderstood to be quiet and clever, but after knowing me people would find that I'm actually quite careless. I like to make friends though, as long as you talk to me actively, I would certainly be open to you. Altough I'm kind of talkative, you may not find it easy to get along with me, I really think that you and I will definitely be friends!

    參考資料: 自己+一點點字典輔助
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    I'm the kind of people who'll be misundestood to be quiet and smart, but I'm actually kind of careless once you know me. I like to make friends. So long as you go along and talk to me, I will open up to you. Although you may sometimes think I'm too talkative, we could undoubtedly become good friends!

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    參考資料: myself~