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  請問我正在念四技外語系,最近要交一個作業,是英文寫作的,題目叫how i spend my free time,要寫三段,字數要二百個單字,內容三段要有起、承、轉、合,有哪個英文好的人可以提供一篇嗎,如果有人願意我提供二十點的點數,希望能快一點,因為下禮拜三就要交了,謝謝

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    how i spend my free time

    Here're how I spend my free time in the studio:

    I started out with a few minutes of day dreaming and contemplating on "What shall I do? I'm so free now. Hmmmm.....shall I blog now? Shall I play the piano? Shall I go shopping at the nearest mall? Shall I get some snacks to eat while I blog? Shall I enjoy a jammed singing on my own? Shall I just take a nap? At times like this is very difficult. I don't quite like the idea of being too free! Maybe I got used to being very busy and having a packed schedule!

    Then I have an up some of my students and ask them about their exam. Great idea! So I sat on the table and dial up their numbers on my mobile phone, see how unlady-like I'm sitting with my legs up on the table!! I really don't seem like teacher that day! With jeans and T-shirt??! This's just so informal and unproper! I couldn't believe this!! Seems very rude and unlady-like! Nevermind.....I work only half day that day. So I called up a few and here's one explanation by a 7-year-old girl that I got amused about.


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