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    歌名:Monday Morning 5.19

    演唱者:市集合唱團 - RIALTO


    At eight o'clock we said goodbye

    That's when I left her house for mine

    She said that she'd be staying in

    Well, she had to be at work by nine

    So I get home and have a bath

    And left an hour or two pass

    Drifting in front of my TV

    When a film comes on that she wants to see


    It's Monday morning 5. 19

    And I'm still wondering where she's been

    Cause every time I try to call

    I just get her machine

    And now it's almost 6 a.m.

    And I don't want to try again

    Cause if she's still not back

    And then this must be the end

    At first I guess she's gone to Cannes

    Her silver pack of cigarettes

    A pint of milk, food for the cat

    But it's midnight now and she's still not back

    ** repeat


    Cause if she's still not back

    Well, heaven knows what then

    Is this the end

    At half past two I picture her

    In the back of someone else's car

    He runs his fingers through her hair

    Oh, you shouldn't left him touch you there

    ** repeat

    *** repeat

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