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娃啊~兩位英文大大都翻得很好呢!很感謝你們哦!但只有一位呢!另一位英文大大真不好意思了哦 謝謝你

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    The Da Vinci Code: (Movie Description )


    Famed symbologist Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks ) is called to the Louvre museum one night where a curator has been murdered, leaving behind a mysterious trail of symbols and clues.


    With his own survival at stake, Langdon, aided by the police cryptologist Sophie Neveu, unveils a series of stunning secrets hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, all leading to a covert society dedicated to guarding an ancient secret that has remained hidden for 2000 years.


    The pair set off on a thrilling quest through Paris, London and Scotland, collecting clues as they desperately attempt to crack the code and reveal secrets that will shake the very foundations of mankind.

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    Enjoys a good reputation international religious mark study professor,Luo cypress Langdon (Tom hank plays the part of), one late receivesthe telephone, informs his Louvre museum manager to suffer the personto murder, only leaves behind the mark which Cheng Ch'uan understoodwith difficulty with the clue. Langdon the uncle is occupied by Francecriminal police bureau headquarters party chief the law shed to listas immediately the top-quality suspect, in order to scrub the wrongfultreatment, blue ascends in police password expert Su Feina underBuddha's help, one unties the mark step by step which manager staysbehind, unexpectedly discovered a succession of conceals in 達文west in the work the astonishing secret, the clue all aims at a secretsociety, middle member end its life all is clinging to tenaciously ahistorical truth, long reaches long time of the two millenniums... ...This treads Paris, London, Scotland to the partner, for is the hopeexplains confuses the group, unties this to be able to vacillate thehuman basic startled world secret.希望有幫到你唷

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