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急~~英文翻譯禁翻譯軟體 20點!拜託大大嚕!!







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    My work is engaged in the administrative assistant Is generally is insuring the broker company works as the administration Processes simply some delivers matters concerned Because of present or student's relations Therefore the work certainly is not unusual good looks! Must have to be able to coordinate the school the time only then line But my itself has the interest regarding the static work comparison Regarding computer typing processing document Constructs the files aspect also is OK. Therefore has chosen this work My eloquence also is good This job requirement is suitable should to onset and retreat Because must face the very many eloquence very good service personnel They frequently can have some strange questions Perhaps the strange request needs to trouble 妳 The company basically can hope can 夠 let the services have satisfaction the answer actually not to injury friendly Therefore is interviewing time can set a simple topic to let you reply Tries to be on site to respond With eloquence response aspect ability! I also am like regarding mine work Work hours just Also has the midday rest Also has the week to rest on second Only is the salary aspect I hopes to be able 夠 again higher Otherwise other all The welfare aspect waits for me all to be allowed to be the satisfactory stage! If may choose all work I can hope is engaged in the bank perhaps the financial aspect work Because I want the academic society to understand the stock with the financial aspect thing Which do I think on the one hand should be allowed to gain to many money I did not hope continuously all crosses each month to gain 1-3 ten thousand work! I hoped my level of living is higher with the mass energy! But hoped these can enhance the relative income also certainly to have to enhance!

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      My work is an administration assistant engaged in the curia's. Act as the administration in the general insurance agent's company. Deal with some simple giving a matters.  It is still students' relation now. So the work is not very easy to look for!   Must can cooperate with time of school.  And I am more interested to static work.  Type and deal with the file to the computer. Filedding, the respect also can be regarded as OK.  and chosen this job. My eloquence still can be regarded as not badly. This need of work is replied and advanced and retreat suitably. Because must face much business personnel with very good eloquence. They will often have some strange questions. Or should trouble you in strange demand.  Company will is it can let business have satisfied answer but not wounded and kind to hope basically. So will all publish a simple topic and answer by you in the interview.  Have a try of and react when participating in a contest.  Reflect the ability of the respect with eloquence!  My work to me still can be regarded as and like.  Work hours are just fine. Have noon recess.  Have week to stop for two days too. Just I hope it be able to be a bit higherrer in wages respect.  Otherwise everything other.  I can be regarded as satisfactory stage in welfare,etc.! If can choose all work. I will hope to be engaged in the work of the bank or finance.  Because I want to learn to find out about the stock with the thing of the finance.  I think which respect can earn much money.  I do not hope to always live the work of making 10,000-30,000 each month! I hope my living standard can be higher with quality! Dr.eye: But hope these can raise the relative income and must be improved!  參考看看

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