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Dear ...






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    Dear ... ,

    This is Eva and my mum is ... She has something she needs to tell my brother but she does not access to e-mail so please help to pass on.

    Mum said that the catalogue will be sent on June 5th. and due to the fabric price fluctuate due to seasons and the goods are produced in small quantitites, therefore the content of each is not provided. Any request, please let her know at e-mail

    Please speak chinese when you contact her. The prices in the cataloge are in NTD and sorry that we are not familiar with the exchange rate, please help to do the calculation. If the market is fine and if doable, please contact her for details on discounts or commission.

    Best regards,

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    Dear ...

    Hello!I am an Eva, my mother BE..., She has a very important thing to tell an elder brother, but she has no E-mail, so I want to help her to spread.

    Mother says:The catalogue will send on June 5th up, because the product of the company is a little amount to produce, cloth part sometimes would because of season need to be changed, can't each one enclose with composition explanation.Having the demand can contact

    The contact asks with Chinese, must invite the elder brother's girlfriend pain 1:00, be receive there is list of price in the catalogue, is use the NT$ list price, the coin rate of exchange we don't understand, please convert by oneself, if the market OK, order discount, the profits detail contacts again.

    Wish your healthy body

    Whatever one wishes is fulfilled

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    Hellow!I am Eva . my mother is ... . She has important things to tolk to my brother. But she did not have E-mail . So I have to help her send .

    Mom said,"bibliotheca 6/5 will send . Because outpot not many . Fabric would change . Can not get assay account . You can call for .

    Use Chinese . Your lady friend have to hard a little . When you get bibliotheca . In side have cost price list . Is Taiwan money . We do not know how to change . Auction market is okay . Avail call me again .

    May you bonnie

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