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Tax Haven有哪些地方???

我需要被指名為Tax Haven的國家或地域的公佈名單!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Well, here are the list of "Tax havens" from Wikipedia:Andorra.AnguillaAntigua and BarbudaArubaThe Bahamas levies neither personal income nor capital gains tax, nor are there inheritance taxes.Barbados - A 'Low-tax regime' not 'haven' - Because it has tax information exchange agreements.BelizeBermuda British Virgin IslandsCampione d'ItaliaCayman IslandsIn the Channel Islands,

    no tax is paid by corporations or individuals on foreign income and

    gains. Non-residents are not taxed on local income. Local taxation is

    at a fixed rate of 20.0% in Jersey, Guernsey, & Alderney and 0% in Sark.Cook IslandsCyprusIn Gibraltar, tax exempt companies, which must not trade or conduct any business locally, are taxed at a flat rate of up to £300 a year.Hong Kong's tax rates are so low that it can be considered a tax haven.Ireland does not tax the foreign income of authors and artists.The Isle of Man does not have corporation tax. Income tax from local sources is 10% and 18% from non-local sources.LatviaLiechtensteinLuxembourgMacauMaltaMonaco does not levy a personal income taxAndorra. and neither does NauruNetherlands AntillesNevisPanamaSamoaSan MarinoSeychellesSt Kitts and NevisSt Vincent and the GrenadinesSwitzerland is a tax haven for foreigners who become resident after negotiating the amount of their income subject to taxation with the canton in which they intend to live. Typically taxable income is assumed to be five times the accommodation rental paid.Turks and CaicosThe UK is a tax haven for people of foreign domicile, even if they are UK resident Similar arrangements are to be

    found in a few other countries including Ireland.Some states within the United States, particularly Delaware,

    offer incentives for businesses to locate there. Many banks and other

    financial companies are domiciled in the state of Delaware even though

    Delaware is one of the smallest states in the USA.VanuatuHope these are of help :)

    參考資料: The Boy from Oz (澳洲男孩)
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    tax HEAVEN????



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