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英文翻譯-社會科學的未來 (上半部)

以下選自\"大英百科全書\"Social Science 第六篇




VI. Future of the social sciences

What has been covered in the preceding paragraphs may be the most that can be said within restricted compass about the social sciences of the 20th century without turning to the individual social sciences themselves and related disciplines. The concern here has been with only those major contextual influences, tendencies of overall character, and dominant ideas or theories that the social sciences taken as a whole manifest in one degree or other.

There is one final aspect of the subject that must be considered briefly, for how it is resolved will have much effect upon the future of the social sciences in the West. This is the relation of the social sciences to organized society, to government and industry, and other institutional centres of authority. At the present time, there is a significant and undoubtedly growing feeling among social scientists, especially younger ones, that the relationship has become altogether too close. The social sciences, it is said, must maintain their distance, their freedom, from bureaucratized government and industry. Otherwise they will lose their inherent powers of honest and dispassionate criticism of the ineffective or evil in society. Although there may be a certain amount of feeling ranging from the naïve to the politically revolutionary in such sentiments, they cannot be taken lightly, as is apparent from the serious consideration that is being given on a steadily rising scale to the whole problem of the relationship between social science and social policy.





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    6. 社會科學的未來

    已經在前述的段落中被涵蓋的可能是自己沒有轉向個別的社會科學能在關於 20 世紀的社會科學的限制指南針裡面被說的大部分和相關的紀律。這裡的關心是由於不過那些主要的文脈上的影響力,整體個性的趨向和優勢的想法或理論整體而言被帶在一度或其它中的載貨單的社會科學。 有一個定要簡短地被考慮的主題的最後方面,為它如何是下定決心的將在西部中在社會科學的未來之上有很多的效果。 這是組織社會的社會科學的關係,到政府和工業,和其他權威的制度中心。 目前,有在社會科學家,更尤其比較年輕的一些之中的重要和毫無疑問增加的感覺,關係已經變得全部太接近 。社會科學,據說,一定要維持他們的距離,他們的自由,從官僚化的政府和工業。 否則他們將失去他們的誠實和冷靜批評的固有權力那無效的或邪惡在社會中 。雖然可能有一些感覺排範圍從天真者到如此的情緒的政治革命者,但是他們不能夠被輕輕的帶,當做從正在對社會科學和整個問題之間的關係社會的政策穩定上升的刻度上被給的嚴重的考慮是明顯的。

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