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A Memorable Episode in...(英作文)

想一些可以寫的 內容 提示...或範例 等等


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    A memorable episode in my life is......寫一ㄍㄋ印象最深ㄉ事件囉

    像是第一天上學拉 第一次談戀愛拉 第一次都是不錯ㄉ內容...

    write a these statemment....and your introduction.....

    then give three reasons.....為什麼 it is memorable....

    three body paragraphs....

    finally.....write a conclusion......

    that you will always remember this event in your life becuase it is extremely important to you..........


  • angel
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    Example:A memorable espisode in my life is on the 31st of December 2005 That was my first time take part in count-down party and I was so excited.Just half an hour before the count-down, we took a public bus heading for 101. However we didn't expected that we could end up in the traffic jam. So everyone celebrate the count down in the bus. This is the result of my first count-down experience and it will be my most memorable experience.