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英文片語造句 ...大大幫忙一下(急..請儘快)


2.keep in touch要2個造句

3.kill time要2個造句

4.know (one\'s) place要2個造句

2.keep an eye on要2個造句

2 個解答

  • Miss H
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    She is such a beautiful child, I am sure she'll grow up to be a real knockout.

    2.keep in touch要2個造句

    a) Take care of yourself when you live abroad, and remember to keep in touch!

    b) Sue and I went to high school together, and we still keep in touch.

    3.kill time要2個造句

    I usually read on the train to kill time.

    What do you usually do in the laundromat to kill time?

    4.know (one's) place要2個造句

    I think Maria is a great maid; she knows her place and keeps quiet.

    You should know your place and speak to your boss with respect!

    5. keep an eye on要2個造句

    I want to stay here and keep an eye on the patient.

    You should keep an eye on your wife, because she's always flirting!

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