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誰能幫我翻譯這段話,急 (20)

「 國王與我 」中的女主人翁安娜李歐文丈夫過世後,個性堅毅的她帶著兒子飄洋過海來到陌生暹邏王國擔任皇家教師,傳授西方教育給王子公主們。而主見之強比起安娜不遑多讓的國王,一方面因與安娜觀念對立而衝突不斷,但另一方面卻又為這位皇家教師獨立自主的風範所著迷。這個故事多年已來博得無數觀眾的青睞,在動畫版的「 國王與我 」中,除了國王與安娜二位要角與一班可愛的王子公主外,還加入歡心討喜的動物,包括令人憐愛的小象「塔斯克」、淘氣的小猴子「木須」與威猛的黑豹「拉瑪」,讓這部此片更具老少咸宜的魅力。

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  • Tony
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    1 0 年前

    The stout female protagonist, Anna Leonowens, in the film " The King and I" takes her son overseas to the remote kingdon of Siam to be the royal governess after her husband passed over. She instills the western education to the princes and princesses. However, the arbitrary king, who is as subjective as Anna, has constant conflicts with Anna. But he is enchanted with Anna's independent personality. The story has been impressed millions of audience for years. Besides the original characters, the animation version of "The King and I" creates some funny animals, including the pitiful elephant 'Tucks' and the mischievous 'Mu-shi' and brave black leopard 'Lama', to make the animation more popular to the masses.

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    你翻譯得非常好,尤其肯用心找出原文如 Anna Leonowens、Tucks, Mu-Shi等更是難得。不過在全篇動詞時態(tense)上,是不是都應該用過去式?

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  • 1 0 年前

    "King is with me "Center female address of master Anna Li Irwin husband passeds away behind, character firm and persistent she brings son cross the seas come to strange Xian Luo kingdom undertake imperial family teacher, impart education to princess prince Men west. But subjective view strong compare Anna not Huang abundance let king, on one hand because is with Anna idea opposition but collision constantly, but but on the other hand imperial family teacher maintain independence and keep the initiative in o style is absorbed in for this again. This story many years have already come win countless audiences' favor, version is at cartoon "King is with me "In, besides king with Anna two want corner with a class lovely princess prince outside, still join favor beg Happiness animal, include make one love tenderly De small Xiang "Pagoda this gramme ", naughty vervet "Wood is must "And is strong black leopard "Pull Ma ", let this this piece have Lao Shao Xian Yi De fascination much.

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  • 1 0 年前

    After woman Li Owen husband , Ann of master , of ' king and I ' pass away, she with firm individual character travels far across the ocean to come to strange Xian to patrol in the kingdom and serve as a royal teacher bringing the son, teach the west to educate to princes Princess. One's own judgment strong compared with Ann king that Huang let more, because antagonistic to Ann's idea conflict constant on one hand, but fascinated on the other hand but for this royal teacher's independent demeanour place. This story has already come to win countless audience's favor for many years, in ' king and I ' of the cartoon edition, except that the king and Ann two want the angle and the lovely princes of class one Princess, animal on also it join favor demand like, including last baby elephant ' Tasker ', the little monkey naughty, people of love ' wood must ' with violent leopard not black not majestic ' draw agate of ', let this this slice have glamour suitable for all ages even more.

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