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有關於英文造句 過去 現在 未來

可以幫我造20句過去式 20句現在式 20句未來式ㄉ句子嗎 交報告用ㄉ 句子長短不限 唯一ㄉ條件就是句子內容要跟商業英文有關 簡單ㄉ都可以拉

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    1. Did you call the client yesterday?

    2. I had a meeting this morning.

    3. The shippment went out already.

    4. James wanted a quote.

    5. I told him I would return to the office at 5.

    6. We were going to visit the customer.

    7. She complained for half and hour.

    8. Did you transfer the call to my office?

    9. The store manager wasn't there.

    10. He gave this to the accounting department for processing.

    11. She worked for their marketing department.

    12. They lost that particular customer.

    13. It was our competitor who put that ad there in the paper.

    14. The mail was delivered at noon yesterday.

    15. The meeting went well.

    16. The shipping department forgot to write that down.

    17. It was a great creation, but the marketing messed it up.

    18. I had to go see the vendors.

    19. She brought it to the account payable.

    20. The manager had to explain the whole thing to that customer.


    2006-06-06 03:17:38 補充:


    1. I don't like his attitude at work.

    2. The phone always rings off the hook at our office.

    3. The mails must go out by noon everyday.

    4. Our manager is a nice person.

    5. "Customers are always right" is our slogan here.

    2006-06-06 03:18:14 補充:

    6. He only gives out quotations that's all.

    7. She has to visit her customers inorder to sell the products.

    8. There is no use to speak to the manager, we can handle it ourselves.

    9. We always have meetings after 6pm.

    10. That doesn't look right, the price is wrong.

    2006-06-06 03:18:52 補充:

    11. We always call the customers before shipping.

    12. The meeting is right now.

    13. Those fax should go directly to the boss.

    14. Sales people have their own phone lines.

    15. We do have some openings for Customer Service.

    2006-06-06 03:19:12 補充:

    16. UPS picks up our packages and deliver them right away.

    17. Sam goes over the contract with our clients during the meeting.

    18. The marketing people want us to mail these ads out to our customers.

    19. Follow up e-mails do go out everyday.

    20. Please call me back in 5 min.

    2006-06-06 03:19:29 補充:


    1. I will see what I can do for you in the office.

    2. Will the packages come to my office or yours?

    3. You will see it on your desk by tomorrow morning.

    4. The project will run by them as soon as we hear back from you.

    5. The meeting will last forever if you are not prepared.

    2006-06-06 03:19:45 補充:

    6. She will drop by my work in the afternoon.

    7. The new products will come out next year.

    8. I like the new model, will it release soon?

    9. The result will come out soon after the meeting.

    10. I will take the call from my office please.

    2006-06-06 03:20:13 補充:

    11. Will the driver pick up our oversea customer from the airport tomorrow?

    12. The client won't take a no for an answer.

    13. I will deposite the check at the bank in the afternoon.

    14. This package will arrive at your company no later than the day after tomorrow.

    2006-06-06 03:20:45 補充:

    15. We will sign the contract after our lawyer gets here.

    16. They will be hiring next week.

    17. The construction work will be ended soon.

    18. Our pick up trucks will pick up the damage products from your warehouse.

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