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    I was born on February 16, 1984, in Pingtung, Taiwan. There are four members in my family. My parents are business persons, although they work separately. My father works in Tainan, and my younger brother also studies there now. They often come back home on weekend.

    I enrolled in a primary school in Taiwan when I was eight. (My family emigrated abroad due to my father’s job, and then immigrated back to Taiwan during my childhood. This is why I was two years apart from same generation.) Then I enrolled in Ming Cheng Junior High School, during the period of time, the life was hard for me to get used to it there. After graduation there, I enrolled in National Pingtung Institute of Commerce and took Applied Foreign Language as my major, because I am interested in English. During my school days in junior college, I took many courses about language and business, such as JAPANESE, SPANISH, ACCOUNTING, INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE…etc. I also participated in some extracurricular activities, Dancing corporation and roller-skating corporation are both my favorite. I am quite extrovert and fond of performing, and I had once been a deputy director of the dancing corporation. Meanwhile, I also like playing to music, and I had learned electric piano for almost five years. Drawing is another interest of mine as well. I usually draw the AD posters related some activities at school, moreover, I also had been an art director in corporations.

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    不好意思 字太多了 放不下 最後句請改為:Thank you very much for reading my autobiography. It would be my pleasure to be a student in your university.

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