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    點進去China Post的網站,按日期點選最近一個月(或更早)的新聞,就有很多。也可以點選它的Editorials 也有。底下是最新的一則:Train wreck suspect detained by court order2006/6/3  The China Post staffKaohsiung prosecutors won a round yesterday after successfully petitioning the Pingtung District Court to place Lee Tai-an in custody for his alleged role in causing the death of his Vietnamese sister-in-law in a related train wreck in Taitung in March. The prosecutors failed in an earlier attempt. But they said they succeeded this time by presenting the court new evidence and two suspected accomplices related to the case. However, Lee's lawyer said he will appeal the case next Monday. Lee insisted on his innocence. He told reporters that all the prosecutors want is to lock him up. But he still thinks that there is no way for the Kaohsiung prosecutors to eventually convict him. Lee is the elder brother of Lee Shuan-chuan -- a Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) employee who hanged himself on March 23 after his Vietnamese wife Chen Shi Hong Shen was killed in a train derailment in Taitung on the South Link railway line in southern Taiwan March 17. Prosecutors suspect that the Lee brothers and at least two accomplices had collaborated in causing the train derailment and the death of the Vietnamese woman. The younger Lee hanged himself after being listed by prosecutors as primary suspect. Lee Tai-an has been banned from leaving the country since March 24.

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