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    To ...,

    We have a shipment going to be ship out recently from Taipei to San Francisco, U.S.A., and it will need to be loaded on 6/19. The production time is 10 days from 6/1 to 6/10, please help to advise the ETD date of the appropriate ship.

    Please enclose details including documents process fees, the name of the boat, the custom clearance date, the boat ETD date and the ETA date. Thanks.

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    We received a delivery order recently: a shipment from Taipei (Taiwan) to San Francisco (U.S.A) due on 6/19. As we need 10 working days (6/1~6/10) to execute, we would like to know what would be a preferred date for the shipment.

    Please enclose details of the 1) Expenses 2) Boat’s name 3) Custom clearance date 4) shipment date 5) Arrival date. Thank you!

    2006-06-06 19:13:31 補充:

    ah hui, wads ETD and ETA?

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    您好,本公司近日欲從台灣台北運送一批貨物至美國舊金山,裝船日期為6/19,且工廠需要十個工作天(6/1~6/10),故想請教適合的船期為何?How are you, our company wants to convey from Taiwanese Taipei a batch of cargos to American San Francisco recently, date of shipment is 6/19, and the shop need ten work days(6/1~6/10), so want to consult what is fit sailing schedule?請附上詳細相關文件費用,以及船名、結關日、開航日、到達港口日期,謝謝! Please enclose with detailed relevant document expense, and ship, knot a pass a day, open a sail day and arrive date of port, thanks!  希望有幫到您的忙~~~~~~

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    You are good,This company recently wanted from Taiwan's Taibei to ship one batch of cargos to the American San Francisco,The shipping date is 6/19,Also the factory needs ten workdays (6/1~6/10),Why therefore wants to consult the suitable sailing time?Please enclosed detailed related document expense,As well as the ship name, knot Guan Ri, are open Japan, arrives the harbor date,Thanks!

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