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    Since 911, the U.S. government has been trying to seek out all the terrorists, and many people have suffered from the actions taken by the U.S. It seems that to the United States, the term "world peace" only serves as a cover up for their true intent.

    How many people have thought about the true meaning of peace?

    Must peace be made by war?

    When browsing websites such as Yahoo! News, one can always find the news related to 911 being covered on a large scale, just like news on the scandals with Taiwan Railway and Taiwan Developement Corporation in Taiwan.

    News are no longer news, but the same old stories repeated over and over.

    我幫你分段了,但『台開』的英文不確定該怎麼翻,只好翻Taiwan Developement Corporation﹝台灣開發集團﹞,我真的不知道台開的全名是什麼。

    參考資料: 在美國住九年的我
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    The United States wants to be at a pinch for a long time from 911() and to drag

    before dividing by fear all.

    It ..people of the person who doesn't have a lot of crimes.. damages it in this

    process (damage).

    The life of other nations is all valueless it is people except the people in the

    United States.

    The global peace nothing but uses and cheats the rusting strike on the screw.

    Moreover, how many people consider the meaning of the peaceful truth by really


    Does peace need to still obtain it by the exchange surely in the war?

    It goes to the Web site of the Yahoo news of the United States, and large space always reports an

    event related to 911.

    Larger space seems to have reported the event that the evidence of Taiwan is reliable as Taiwan applied the event to Taiwan for all of these months how many.

    News is already news and a stripe of the play of and a rather old-fashioned long



    參考資料: 軟體翻譯機
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    The United States after 911, always Be wanting to search out all terrorists urgently.

    Harm in this process and many innocent people peoples.

    Seem apparently in addition to the people of the United States, the human lifes of other nations are all worthless.

    The world peace is just used rust spot of covering up the screw.

    Have again how many persons does the real self-reflection consider peaceful true meaning?

    Does the peace certainly need to use war to still exchange?

    Ascended the website of the Yahoo news of the United States, always big space of Be reporting with 911 relevant of affairs.

    Seem Taiwan for this a few months come all again the big space report an irrevocable case and set open a case similar.

    News' seeming to be isn't the news any more, but old and old grow to talk of plot.

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    US since 911, continuously in urgently wants to uncover all terrorist

    individual contributions

    In this process, wound and many innocent people

    Looks like as if besides US'S people, other national human lives all

    are not worth the money

    The world peace only is uses for to conceal on the screw □the spot

    Also do some how many people truly engage in introspection the ponder

    peace true meaning?

    Peace certainly needs to use the war also to receive in exchange?

    On US'S Yahoo news website, always great length in report and 911

    related events

    Looks like the Taiwan these months all again great length to report

    the hard document and open the document to be same

    The news as if no longer is a news, but was the obsolete long talk


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