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    Vying for a far better school, students today confront a wide variety of challenges- very often unbearable and tedious on account of stress primarily because they are bound to undergo the course of mechanical scheme. As far as I’m concerned, whatsoever difficult it is, I will push on with my project. That is to say, I can plan ahead thanks mainly to allocate my time in place on the ground that never put off till tomorrow what I can do today. This principle can definitely play an overwhelmingly indispensable role in my learning English- an utmost element is that we have to further cement our determination which will resolve us to see if we march toward our triumph. Here is what I think how we learn English far more effective as our anticipation.

    When it comes to the question given above, what deeply inscribed in my heart are those words- learning anything is no shortcut. That means, we have to a concept that constant dripping wears away the stone. Namely, the drop hollows the stone, by the frequency of fall rather than by its force. For the sake of this end, from this point forward, we are supposed to, if not intending to make our learning nullified, pick up far more tactics on a brick-by-brick basis. Although it seems to be relatively tough, as long as we feel inclined to do, I deeply believed that by all means triumph will be at our doorstep, so called on the basis that given the long-term prospect of our future. Thereby, the most momentous thing in our learning is that we have far too great an aim, and the determination to attain it. In another words, our learning ought to on the prerequisite that we absolutely implemented what we yearn for.

    As is well known to us, most of the setbacks have a lot to do with our impatience, the vast majority of which stem from inadvertence as well as recklessness many due to reasons that we overlook how momentous it is to know the value of learning and we don’t have a firm goal which can keep impelling our relentless desire toward learning English.

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