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最近在網路上發現一股奇特的寵物飼養熱潮,人們養的不再是只有小狗小貓,體型小的有老鼠、兔子、鳥、魚、 大的則有猴子、鴕鳥、豬,還有一些奇特的如:涴熊、狐狸等等。



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    Notice I do this in a hurry so it might not be the best translation for you here it goes!

    My wish

    Recently it is been found on the internet news that people starting to have some freakish animals for pets. Cats and Dogs are not the only pets people have anymore; now they have pets small size such as rabbits, rats, birds, and fish to big size such monkey, pig, and ostrich; besides, there are some odd ones scuh as raccoon and fox etc.

    Pigs are the ones I am particularly interest in. By the modern technology, pigs have been modify in sizes and so they become smaller about the size of mid-size dogs, called mini-pigs. I have developed an unquestionable passion about pigs since I was young. Well, I like to have ports as my majoy diet. Moreover, I work in the area about pigs. It must be this particular reason that no wonder my mother always tells me that I look like a pig and eat like a pig and sleep like a pig.

    I am thinking about having a mini-pig as a pet and I hope before the end of this semester, my family could agree of letting me having one.

    Okay ~ ~ that is it. Geeze way too long ^^

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