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急-英文片語造句-須文法正確-每句不需太長-簡潔即可-謝謝 way of (經由…)

2.for the benefit of (為了..)

3.for the purpose of (為了) front of (在…前面) place of (在…位置) proportion to (與…成比例) respect of (關於…)

8.with regard to (關於…)

9.with respect to (關於…)

10.instead of (代替)

11.out of (從…)

12.thanks to (由於…)

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    1.He didn't have much to offer by way of explanation. They traveled through the mountains by way of an ancient walled city.

    2.John explained what was happening for my benefit.

    3.He went to Taipei for the purpose of making business contacts.

    4.My dad justsits in front of the TV all day long.

    5.In place of ordinary light bulbs, you could use fluorescent lamps.

    6.My head is large in proportion to my small frame.

    7.Price rises in respect of gas and water costs.

    8.In/With regard to the discussion about immigration, I'd like to hear Ms.Wu's opinion.

    9.Let's go out instead of watching TV.

    10.I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks.

    11.Thanks to this treatment, her condition has improved.

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