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幫忙翻譯一小段話,關於音樂True colors的內容!

這是王力宏說的某段話,希望可以翻成通順的英文。「我從小就很喜歡這首歌曲,尤其激賞歌詞內談及人們應該不論其膚色、種族、國家的分別,而彼此互信、互愛、互相尊重,另外更鼓勵我們勇敢做自己,憑信心而不畏挫折的活出每個人生命中最純真的色彩。」----------------------------------------------------以下是音樂的歌詞:(可以做參考)True colors Cyndi Lauper / 真實的色彩 辛蒂露波You with the sad eyes 你帶著悲傷的眼神Don\'t be discouraged 不要沮喪Oh I realize 我了解It\'s hard to take courage 要提起勇氣的確很難In a world full of people 在人擠人的世界裡You can lose sight of it all 你可以視若無睹And the darkness inside you 藏在你心裡的陰暗Can make you feel so small 使你自己覺得渺小But I see your true colors shining through 但我看見你真實的色彩明亮耀眼I see your true colors 我看到你那真實的色彩And that\'s why I love you 那才是我愛你的原因So don\'t be afraid to let them show 不要害怕顯露出來Your true colors ,true colors are beautiful 你那真實的色彩多麼美麗Like a rainbow 像彩虹一樣Show me a smile then, 那麼,給我一個笑容Don\'t be unhappy 別悶悶不樂Can\'t remember when I last saw you laughing 記不得你上一次笑是什麼時候If this world makes you crazy 如果這個世界使你瘋狂And you\'ve taken all you can bear 你已忍無可忍You call me up 那麼,呼喚我Because you know I\'ll be there 因為你知道我一定會出現

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    I like this song very much since childhood. I especially admire the lyrics which people are supposed to believe, love, and respect each other, in spite of skin color, race and national distinction. It also encourages us to be yourself bravely. Show the true colors of your life with self-confidence and bravery.

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  • 林子
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    1 0 年前

    You bring the sad look not to want to be depressed I to understand

    must mention the courage indeed very difficultly to crowd in the

    person in person's world you to be allowed to turn a blind eye to

    Tibet gloomily to cause you in your heart tiny to think but I to see

    your real color to be brightly dazzling I to see you that real color

    that is I likes your reason not having to be afraid is revealed you

    that real color how beautiful picture rainbow equally that, a smiling

    face don't depressed records for me must on you time smile is when if

    this world does cause you to be crazy you to be driven beyond the

    limits of forebearance that, summons me because you knew I certainly

    can appear

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  • I on very much like this first song since childhood, especially admires greatly in the lyrics to refer to the people to be supposed no matter its skin color, race, national distinction, but each other mutual confidence, mutually likes, mutually respecting, moreover encourages us bravely to do oneself, depends on the confidence but the fear setback not to live each person to live hits the purest color."

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