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(2)Attend school processThe elementary school goes to junior high school this period, I can keep good result on studies.The senior high school studies in and R.O.C. high school senior high school department in Chiayi City, participating an association activity, volunteer worker to serve actively for three years in senior high school, each section section exhibition, and hold the post of decoration helper and two English stage play director in the class;Higher - three graduate that year father\'s stroke, dialysis, so the abort studies in the chance of the private university, plusing personal think studies and the actual situation experience should match with each other, owning working experience also rather important, hence select greatly and together institute of technology continuing education the technical school studies in.Work in the construction contractor business trade union of Chiayi City in the daytime, in the evening go to cram school to have a class substantial knowledge, enhance the ego learning, the day off has a class at school.Specialty three years, I learn hard, actively enterprising, so the academic record also works hard of hold at ex- threes.(as appendix)Remembered to just get in touch with a computer subject met many bottlenecks, is a common senior high school graduation, so the computer technical ability aspect was slightly worse, but refused to concede defeat of character, plused the teacher\'s patience guidance, let on the contrary me be interested in the computer information more.

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