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Good natured

we have quite a team

kick somebody off

I\'m beat

quite the affair

cut it out

Kick sb. Off

throw in

clean up after oneself


be supposed to

out of the blue


identical twins

hang in there


cheer sb. up

propose a toast

Got through

make fun of

count off

Clean up after yourself

feel responsible for

digging through laundry

Nobody taught them right from wromg

treat violence with violence

3 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    good natured 性情溫和

    we have quite a team 我們有很優秀的團隊

    (quite a 通常是用在誇獎,有很不比尋常的意思,所以在此翻成優秀的團隊)

    kick Sb. off 剔除某人= kick somebody off

    I'm beat. 考倒我了!(直譯是我被打敗了,但在口語中的用法就是"考倒我了"的意思,也就是並不了解的意思)

    quite the affair 事態嚴重

    cut it out 去掉

    throw in 額外贈送

    clean up after oneself 放馬後炮或收拾殘局


    terrifying 嚇人的

    be supposed to 被期望(後面+原形動詞,如: Students of English department are supposed to have excellent English abilities.)

    out of the blue意外的,未事先告知 如: She arrived out of the blue.

    prejudice 成見,偏見

    identical twins 一模一樣的

    hang in there 不氣餒,不畏難 (口語一點就是撐下去的意思)

    masterpiece 傑作

    cheer Sb. up 給某人打氣

    propose a toast 為某人的幸福乾杯;有祝賀之意

    如: I should like to propose a toast to the bride and bridegroom.

    get through 到達

    make fun of 嘲笑

    count off 不算在內

    feel responsible for 自覺有責任

    digging through laundry 撈過界

    Nobody taught them right from wrong


    treat violence with violence 以暴制暴,以眼還眼

    參考資料: 自己+英語聽講handout
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  • 1 0 年前

    treat violence with violence以暴制暴

    clean up after oneself收爛攤子.收拾殘局

    propose a toast舉杯(國外電影裡常有的致辭舉杯乾杯)

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  • 1 0 年前

    good natured 和藹的,溫厚的

    cut it out 停止

    throw in 扔進;增添

    be supposed to 可以;應該

    Terrifying 可怕的;令人驚嘆的

    out of the blue 意外的

    Prejudice 偏見;歧視

    hang in there 堅持下去;不要放棄

    Masterpiece 傑作;名作

    cheer sb. up 使高興

    Got through 辦完;通過考試;接通電話

    make fun of 取笑



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