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小哈 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂漫畫與動畫 · 1 0 年前

請問 南方四劍客 片頭曲的 歌詞??

請問 南方四劍客 片頭曲的 歌詞??

開頭是 這是一個沒有危險溫馨的地方...


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  • 1 0 年前

    這是一ㄍ沒有暴力溫馨ㄉ地方他ㄔㄨㄚˋ尬掐得冠軍好膽就來機機歪歪品學兼優聽話孝順根本不可能他媽乃子會開花炸彈爆炸批哩啪拉左手紅中右手白板安非他ㄉ命MMMMMMMMMMMMMM←阿尼唱ㄉ部分不要懷疑部要猶豫家系好所在英文版歌詞:I'm going out to South Park gonna have myself a time Friendly faces everywhere humble folks without temptation I'm goin out to south park gonna leave my woes behind Ample parking day or night people spouting howdy neighbor I'm heading out to south park to see if i cant unwind *Kenny mumbles something some say its: Hey, our town is bigger damn it right down to the piece of granite and some say: I like eating sweet potatoes and some say: I like girls with big fat titties I love girls with big vaginas So come on out to south park and meet some frriends of mine

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